Volunteer @ Global Peace Film Festival

We’ve just signed on a few new festivals, and we’re getting more and more excited about the months ahead! One such festival is the Global Peace Film Festival taking place from September 18, 2012 – September 23, 2012. The festival represents a growing network of global change festivals that are becoming increasingly popular as they grow in both number and content. Festivals like this, apart from our much-established love of film festivals, remind us why the push to make festivals as accessible as possibly is worth any trouble it might present.

A little about this festival, from their website:

The Global Peace Film Festival was established to utilize the power of the motion picture to further the goal of peace on earth. With a mission to expand the definition of peace beyond anti-war, ideology, activism or specific causes, the Global Peace Film Festival films and events suggest a more personal message as reflected in the daily lives of individuals and communities the world over.

The GPFF presents films from around the world and global discussions that highlight the power of this extraordinary medium as it relates to new peace issues. See films from around the world, attend educational panels, meet filmmakers and special guests and hear from local activists about their work. And get involved!

GPFF will be holding a screening event at Urban Rethink this Sunday night, and you’re invited! Head out to both support the festival and learn more about how you can be an influence on both the GPFF and the world. For more information visit the festival webpage or email GPFF at volunteer@peacefilmfest.org.

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4 thoughts on Volunteer @ Global Peace Film Festival

  1. Brandon Nyswaner says:

    Come out and see “Haiti: Land of Hope” –

    This is a short documentary film based on a journalist’s personal experience who, after traveling to Haiti in 2004, decides to erase this country from his memory after witnessing terrible violence. Seven years later he makes the brave move to return to the country in 2010 after the terrible earthquake struck Haiti leaving it with new problems some couldn’t even imagine. However, the quake, which destroyed so many things, may have helped in raising many others.

    Come see the film Wednesday 9/19/2012 – 7:30 at 330 WPP
    9/20/2012 – 6PM WPL

    This film will be paired with a short film “Water for Life”.

    Be sure to come check it out and enjoy the artistic brilliance of Director Asier Reino.

  2. Mario Lopez says:

    “How can a little girl’s life be changed if she is given easy access to clean water? For most of us, fresh water is a tap away. For others, it’s an arduous daily journey. For every human, water is life”

    This must-see short film by director Shawn Small documents the difficult journey Sudanese people must take to obtain a natural necessity in life that many of us take for granted: the essential need for water.

    The film has two showings:

    Wednesday, September 19th @ 7:30 PM
    -330 Winter Park Plaza


    Thursday, September 20th, 6:00 PM
    -Winter Park Public Library

    Ticket Cost-$8

    for ticketing and general information on the film go to:

  3. Jordan Anduaga-Todd says:

    The Global Peace Film Festival is showing a movie titled “The List”. The movie is about a man named Kirk Johnson and his efforts to aid Iraqis that are being harmed by radical militants. His efforts started after he returned home from Iraq and found out that many of his former Co-workers had been killed or were missing because they were considered traitors for working with the U.S. Come see this touching moviethat spans over four years, showing Johnson’s efforts and the stories of the people he has helped.

    The film is showing Saturday, September 22, 2012 at 3:30pm at the Cobb located at 155 S. Orange Ave., Orlando, Florida.
    and on Sunday, September 23, 2012 at 5pm at the Suntrust Auditorium at Rollins College. 1000 Holt Ave. Winter Park, Fl.
    Tickets are $8 per film. Rollins College students get in free with student ID.

  4. Luisa Pelaez says:

    Come see the film “Opening our Eyes”!!! Gail Mooney Categories: Activism, Documentary, Human Rights, Peace When mother/daughter filmmakers, Gail Mooney and Erin Kelly circled the globe on a 99-day journey, they uncovered the stories of eleven change-makers on six continents “courageous but ordinary people who are making our world a better place. There’s Maggie, a 19-year-old on a post-high school “gap year,” who built a home in Nepal for 30 orphans, using her babysitting earnings. And Ronni, a successful event planner, who saw good food being dumped daily, and started a food rescue program. How many people does it take to change the world? Only one, one person at a time. Showings: Winter Park Public Library 4:00 PM Sat, Sep 22 And SunTrust Auditorium 1:00 PM Sun, Sep 23