IndiePix: Get “Jody’s Bra” from the Campground to the Screen!

Indie fans and industry experts know that the industry is only helped more and more by the emergence of new and interesting ideas including different ideas in funding, development, and distribution. Take a moment to look into Jody’s Bra, a USC thesis film shot entirely at a summer camp!

A little more about the film, via Kickstarter:

Jody’s Bra is a charming, albeit occasionally uncomfortable comedy, about a young girl whose larger-than-average bra is stolen by the popular girls at summer camp. When the boys from camp next door get involved, Jody is forced to take the law into her own hands, recover her bra, and save her doomed social life.

This film draws attention to the rituals and rites of passage accompanying adolescence, with emphasis on standing up to bullies and being comfortable in your own skin. The director hopes that by making people laugh and reminding them that hardship passes, maybe, if only for a moment, the audience might be able to see their current trials with the hope that only hindsight can bring.

Jody’s Bra was shot last summer, July 2011, at a real summer camp! Telling a unique and entertaining story on a low budget is always a challenge. We were constantly dealing with the unexpected. One challenge that was particularly unique and difficult was having to wrangle 100 kids at a time! It required tons of work and tons of energy, but was also lots of fun thanks to the great Producers and amazing kids! The long process of post-production work began soon after, and the final cut of the picture was locked in January 2012.

The campaign is almost halfway to its goal with 12 days left to raise its targeted $3,500. Check out the trailer and help Jody’s Bra get from the editing room to the screen!

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