Introducing: The People’s Film Festival

The People’s Film Festival (TPFF), an international New York fest focusing on power to the people, has begun accepting films with a final deadline of February 20, 2013. The early deadline is fast approaching on the 21st of December; the regular deadline set to February 1, 2013. The People’s Film Festival will occur on May 30 – June 1, 2013 in New York City. It is comprised of film screenings, panel discussions, and The People’s Awards, which celebrates the winners in each film category.

Note: All films must be post marked by the above dates in order to be considered for their respective deadlines.

For more information on submitting to TPFF visit their submissions page.

The People’s Film Festival (TPFF) is a showcase of extraordinary films that use various different media formats to produce quality films.

The People’s Film Festival celebrates the power of the media when placed in the hands of the people. Whether it is a protest, or powerful clip shot in the most extreme conditions, these stories matter to us. The festival features screenings from emerging producers, videographers, and filmmakers from all over the world, reflecting both traditional and advant-garde style films, with an emphasis on films that integrate multiple digital platforms using today’s new media & technology. One of our main focuses is in the content, the media format used, the technology and delivery. Our objective is to level the playing field while giving the everyday videographer and independent producer alike, the same opportunities to debut their work on the big screen. The categories range from narratives, features, shorts, and documentaries including a special category for films about the Worldwide Occupy Wall St Movement (WWOWS).

This event is open to the people.

Four Builders Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to “Building Futures and Changing Lives”. Our mission is to strengthen and empower the quality of life of individuals living in inner-cities throughout the tri-state area.

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