“Ride Report” World Premiere at Festivus

Ride Report, a documentary of epic proportion, will have its world premiere at the 2013 Festivus Film Festival. Take a moment to peruse this tale and maybe you, too, will be inclined to join these two friends and their motorcycles on a journey to their dreams!

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About the Ride Report:

This is the story of two friends going on a journey into the unknown. They plan to ride motorcycles from Las Vegas to Rio De Janeiro for carnival. They aren’t that experienced or even that prepared. But they are committed to the journey and sometimes that’s all that matters,’ a storyteller narrates, his voice echoing with experience reminiscent of Sam Elliott in ‘The Big Lebowski.’We first meet Matt carefully packing for a three month long trip. He talks to the camera with a self-effacing smile. ‘You can learn to ride by going to work… or you can learn on a 10,000 mile trip to Rio.’ He is a beginner rider; barely two months experience and a week into a crash course in motorcycle mechanics. Later, he stands in riding gear behind his bike, fixated by the dials.

The bike won’t start and he doesn’t seem to know what to do. And then enters Tiernan brandishing a comic mustache, aviator sunglasses, and a sideways sneer. ‘Do I look like an adventure rider?’ he asks the camera. The exchange here is taking place on day one of the trip. Matt is unable to start his bike while Tiernan is deciding whether to ridicule or help him. After teaching Matt how to pop start, Tiernan zooms away, screeching around a corner. Matt watches him leave, shaking his head in disapproval. The two friends have decided to take a 10,000 mile journey from Las Vegas to Rio De Janeiro, only giving themselves three months to make it to the world famous Brazilian Carnival. But with a healthy rivalry brewing between the two in the first five minutes, how will these ‘best friends’ fare three months down the road?Delays plague them.

Matt loses a tail light and a storm starts brewing. They battle on through snow and heavy winds in the first 200 miles, arriving in Los Angeles five hours late. They are forced to stay in the city a day longer, further delaying their trip. But as the third day arrives with the sun at its heels, the two travelers press on; the wayward twinkle still present in their eyes. This is only the beginning.They chart a course through Central and South America roughly following the Pan-American highway. From Los Angeles, they travel to Baja California and take a ferry to Mexico. They follow the Pacific coastline, passing endless sleepy beach villages and scenic sunsets.

They meet a variety of people from the unexpectedly accommodating small town dwellers, to the drunken, welcoming ex-patriots, and adventure riders with wide smiles and easy camaraderie. And then, there are the girls. They are romantic, shy, buxom, lithe, green eyed, brown eyed, crazy, and beautiful. The girls magnetize to the young travelers in their strange garb and the noisy, purring machines they ride. The language barrier is but a gateway to flirtation, both awkward and endearing.But its not all paved roads and sunshine. The further south they get in Central America, the more difficult it is to find maps or road signs. Directions from locals are hard to decipher, and sometimes the villagers are not even aware of the towns or roads around them.

It is inevitable that they get lost and also be separated in the process. They spend Christmas on their own, and the day after trying to find each other. Border crossings become live circuses; each one an epicenter of beggars, mischief-makers, and opportunists. Their bikes suffer plenty of problems, one such incident almost making them miss Carnaval. The ticking clock is ever present, forcing them to make difficult choices and trust in the goodness of strangers. One such incident occurs near the border of Argentina and Brazil, right as the language changes from Spanish to Portuguese. Tiernan’s bike experiences a major malfunction and both are left scratching their heads on the side of the road. They are one week from Carnival and it seems like they won’t be able to get out of this last jam. But a good Samaritan stops, knowing no English and barely any Spanish, taking both riders under his wing and into his home. Finally they reach Rio to join the carnival, make new friends, and experience the party of a lifetime.

Throughout the trip, Tiernan and Matt explore all the possibilities available to the the 21st century traveler. They are equipped with a GPS tracker so that followers of their blog could readily access their location. They also routinely check couchsurfing.org; a website where Matt and Tiernan are able to meet hosts that help them appreciate the local culture and lifestyles and sometimes even provide a place to stay for them. Their trip is a testament to a growing online collective consciousness that reaches past languages and continents; where the distance between any two people becomes only a click of a mouse away.

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