OFF Day 2 Program Director Update

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Day two of the Omaha Film Festival is always the first multi-screen day and the trend over the last several years of having larger crowds for the shorts blocks continued!  We screened two amazing documentaries, two thoughtful and intriguing narrative feature films, and two short film blocks to nice sized crowds in each.

Highlights for the evening included Q&A sessions with Andy Delaney who worked as the director’s assistant on the film “Chapman,” Jordan Londe who produced the short film “Tough Guy” that screened in short block #1, and Krissy Hamm (“Justice for our  Neighbors”), Abbie Leigh (“Three Trees”), Tim Guthrie and John O’Keefe (“Wer Uganda”) and David Weiss (“Haiti: Real Change”) who had short documentary films in short block #2.  Having four of the seven directors from short block #2 in attendance was fantastic and the audience was able to get a real sense of the filmmakers’ passion for the projects that they put together.  The night ended with another great after party hosted by our friends at the Pizza Shoppe, and even though I showed up almost two hours after everyone else, there was still a great group of people going strong and they even saved a pizza in the warmer for me!  Best hosts in the city!

Friday we expand to four screens and we’re showing two more shorts programs including shorts #3 (10 films with filmmakers in town for five of them), shorts #4 (a Nebraska short block with seven great shorts), five narrative features including two with the filmmakers in attendance (“As High as the Sky” and “The Playback Singer”) and a special screening of Omaha’s own Nik Fackler’s new documentary “Africa.”  I’m glad I’ve already seen all of these films because I certainly wouldn’t want to have to decide which ones to see.

Still plenty of value left if you purchase an All Access Pass with three more full days of movies, conference panels, and parties coming up.  All Films Passes and Weekend Passes are available as well.  For those of you that have been seeing some films, please get on our site, create a festival genius account and rate and review the films!  I’m sure the filmmakers would love to hear what you think of their work!

Thank you for your continued support!

Marc Longbrake

Program Director

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