5 Must See Films For The Summer….

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“Those who regularly attend film festivals know that what many film buffs want most is a chance for bragging rights, to see new movies early, before they hit theaters. But there’s another kind of festival goer, the more intrepid soul who combs the catalog in search of the uncommon offering, the type of movie with such narrow appeal that it might be seen just once, and then virtually disappear. The movie-streaming service IndiePix Unlimited aims to resurrect those kinds of films, offering more than 400 carefully curated films from a catalog distributed by its 12-year-old parent company, Indiepix Films. These guys know their stuff: There’s a broad mix of titles, with plenty of little treasures and very little mainstream or commercial hits cluttering things up.” – Jeffrey M. Anderson , TechHive (April, 2016)

INDIEPIX UNLIMITED – IndiePix Unlimited is a digital subscription streaming platform providing consumers access to top independent films and offering a new method of distribution to independent filmmakers, distributors and content rights holders.Monthly subscription gives consumers unlimited access to the 400+ films currently on the platform, viewable on desktop and mobile devices.

Filmmakers and content rights holders are invited to submit their titles through the IndiePix Unlimited website, and with a business model based on allocated subscription revenue, significant upside potential exists for titles in the IndiePix Unlimited catalog.


We Live In Public

Samson & Delilah


The Winter


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