Submit Your Film to Santa Cruz!

The Santa Cruz Film Festival will be accepting submissions from now until September 6, 2013 (with a potential extension and/or late submission date, but we suggest submitting as soon as possible). Over the past decade, the Santa Cruz Film Festival has …

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Woods Hole is Open for Entry!

The Woods Hole Film Festival is presented by the Woods Hole Film Festival, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation established to: organize the annual Festival; form relationships and strategic alliances with other film festivals and organizations to showcase independent film; emphasize …

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Filmmakers: aGLIFF Withoutabox Update!

Calling all last minute filmmakers! Did you attempt to submit your film to AGLIFF’s 2012 Film Festival Program before the deadline last Friday, June 29 through Withoutabox but encountered technical difficulties? Do not fear! Withoutabox was down last Friday due …

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