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Customizing Festival Genius

Featured Films

On the HIGHLIGHTS page of the public site, there is a section where you can feature a rotating list of films. This is often the first thing users see when they navigate to the site, and can be used to spotlight big-name films, indie gems, etc…

Here’s an example from our mock site: http://fgindy.festivalgenius.com/2011

There can be an unlimited number of featured films, and they can be switched out at any time using the back-end maintenance tool. This is a simple way to add customization to your site.

Creating a Featured Film

Navigate to your FESTIVAL under the Films tab, then select the film(s) you’d like to feature from the drop-down menu. Under Film Data, select CATEGORIES. In the empty field, simply type “Featured” and click the green plus sign.

To REMOVE a film from the featured section of the highlights page, navigate back to the films’ CATEGORIES section. You will see the word “Featured” with a red X and a check box next to it. The check box, if checked, will hide the film from the Highlights page. The X will remove it completely.

Custom Pages

Each festival can create ONE page of custom content, which will appear in the top-level Festival Genius navigation next to my festival. This page can be edited to your liking to include different types of content. Some suggestions are posting pass/badge information, sponsor logos, or information about hotels, restaurants and other accommodations.

Notify your account manager if you would like to create a custom page. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Page Title – Title of the tab you’d like to appear with the other headings
  • Text – The entire text you’d like displayed
  • Hyperlinks – Links to other pages MUST already be hyperlinked in text

Please Note: Embedded objects such as videos, widgets, etc. should not be used here. The code used to embed an object may conflict with the Festival Genius site and cause errors for end-users. Static images, text & links are all acceptable.

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