Festival Genius Premiere Film Festival Platform

Inviting Filmmakers to Contribute

Once your films and schedule have been added to the Festival Genius site, you have the option of inviting your filmmakers to contribute. Filmmakers can be given limited access to their film page in order to upload additional images and trailers. This can reduce your workload significantly, however, we understand that some festivals would still prefer to have complete control over their site.

Contact your Account Manager if you’d like to give filmmakers access to Festival Genius. Festival Genius will provide you with sample text to send out to filmmakers to help them start getting involved. Filmmakers will have a different experience on Festival Genius than your festival, so it is important for us to provide them with the proper information on getting started.

What filmmakers will see:

Filmmakers will ONLY gain access to uploading images and trailers for their OWN film; any additional changes (editing cast & crew, synopsis, etc.) will have to go through Festival Genius. If you receive any inquiries from filmmakers regarding the Festival Genius site or requests for changes, please refer them to filmmaker-support@festivalgenius.com.

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