Festival Genius Premiere Film Festival Platform

Outline of Our Setup Process

Outline of Our Setup Process

  • AFFILIATE – Festival Genius will manage and complete your films & scheduling, offer non-exclusive, exclusive distribution through IndiePixUnlimited.
  • PRO – Festival Genius will manage and complete your films & scheduling

1. Festival completes Festival Genius Online Agreement

2. Festival introduced to Account Manager, then completes & returns setup questionnaire

3. Festival Genius creates a generic Festival Genius site template & back-end database where Festival and Filmmakers can later add/edit information

4. Film & schedule information added:

5. Festival uploads images/provides Filmmakers instructions to upload images & trailers

6. Festival receives ticketing questionnaire to be completed & returned

7. Ticketing information is added now or later (depending on info availability)

8. Festival Genius coordinates customization of Festival Genius site with PRO Festival

9. Festival takes Festival Genius site live to audience where they can access films, schedules, etc.

10. Festival Genius provides tech support to Festival, Filmmakers, and Audience until Festival has ended

11. Festival Genius provides stats report to Festival on Festival Genius site usage (most-viewed, highest-rated, etc.)

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