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The functionality to add buttons linking from the schedule to an online ticketing partner is built into the Festival Genius site software. This can be done with EXTERNAL TICKETING and INTEGRATED TICKETING, however both provide a different experience for the customer. You would have made a decision with your Sales Representative which ticketing option is a better choice for your festival.

External Ticketing

If you’ve chosen to use External Ticketing, you will need to set up an account with your chosen ticketing provider (BPT, Agile, TicketLeap, etc.) and create events within your account for each film/event you plan to sell tickets to. If you encounter trouble creating these events, please contact the ticketing provider as they can supply you with accurate customer support.

Once these individual ticketing events have been created, in a separate window Login to Maint to begin linking the events. In Maint, navigate to FILMS, select your festival, then select your film. Scroll down to SCREENINGS and click the pencil icon

You will see your screening information listed and a box marked PURCHASE URL. Copy & Paste the ticketing event link into the PURCHASE URL. Make sure to use “http://” at the beginning of the URL – it’s necessary in order to make the link work.

This will create a BUY TICKET button next to the screening on the front-end site. When clicked, the customer will be redirected to the ticketing event to proceed to checkout.

Integrated Ticketing

If you have chosen to use Integrated Ticketing you will need to contact your Account Manager. Your schedule must be complete and screenings must be entered in Maint before continuing on to Ticket Integration.

Your Account Manager will provide you with a Ticketing Questionnaire. Some questions you can anticipate answering: Login information, Credit Card Processor, Ticket Cost, Amount of Tickets Sold For Each Venue, etc. Please read the questionnaire carefully. We require at least 48 hours upon completion of questionnaire to process and integrate tickets.

Your Account Manager will notify you when this process is complete. This will create an ADD TO CART button next to the screening on the front-end site. The customer can then add multiple films to their cart and proceed to check out all at once, while never leaving your festival site.

Any changes made to your schedule from this point on, MUST be passed on to your Account Manager so appropriate edits can be made to the ticketing side.

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