Festival Genius Premiere Film Festival Platform

Got a question? There are a couple ways to get answers:

“I’m trying to purchase tickets, but my login isn’t working!”
You do not need an account with Festival Genius to purchase tickets. The account you setup with Festival Genius will allow you to use the interactive schedule and create a personalized schedule. To purchase tickets you will need to setup an account with the ticketing provider, which is unrelated to Festival Genius.

“Is there a PDF available with the Festival Guide?”

No, we do not currently have available the option for a PDF guide. However, we have several other options for viewing the schedule on the go! You can Print the schedule by clicking on the Schedule tab and selecting “print schedule” or view it on any mobile device while you are on the go. Our schedule is mobile friendly.

“How do I add films to my schedule?”
To add a film to your schedule you must first be registered with Festival Genius by creating a unique username and password. Once you’ve registered or signed in, click the “+ add to cal” button on the right of the screening time and the film will be added to your personal Calendar. You can then go back and view it and all the other films you’ve added by clicking the tab “my festival.”

“How do I remove a film from my schedule?”
To delete a film from your schedule, you can click the “x remove” button on the right of the screening time and the film will be removed from your personal Calendar.

“How do I register?”
To register for Festival Genius, click the “Register” icon in the top right corner of the site. You will be re-directed to the Festival Genius Registration page when you can then create a username and password.

“I registered, but I never received my confirmation email!”
If you registered but did not receive your confirmation email, please email us at help@festivalgenius.com and a Festival Genius staff member will happily validate your account for you.

“What does an account with Festival Genius allow me to do?”
With a Festival Genius account you have the ability to create your own personal schedule, rate and review films, see what other films are trending at the festival, as well as check out your friend’s and other user’s schedules!

“What is Schedule Genius?”
Schedule Genius will examine your personal calendar, automatically find and fix schedule conflicts, suggest alternate screening times, and make sure you get to see the films you want to see, based on your participation in the process.

“If I use Schedule Genius, can I still go back to my old schedule?”
When the Genius presents your new schedule, you can refine the recommendations to fit your tastes or even click “cancel” if you are not pleased with your choices.  However by clicking “save,” your previous schedule will no longer be available, as you have accepted the schedule that was designed for you by Schedule Genius.

“Can I purchase tickets through a mobile device?”
Yes! Click the “buy tickets” button on the right of the screening time and you will be directed to the mobile site of the Festival’s ticketing service to process your transaction.

“How do I get in contact with the festival directly?”
While Festival Genius works closely with the festival, there are still some inquiries that require directly contacting the festival, such as questions relating to ProgrammingPricingCall for EntriesGeneral Feedback, etc…You can find the festival’s contact information by clicking “Contact” in the right hand corner of the site, and then scrolling to the bottom of the Contact page.

“Why can’t I review or rank the film yet?”
Festival Genius wants to retain the integrity of reviews so the system will not allow you to rate or review a film until after that film has screened at the festival. Often the film pages will include official reviews in the “Extra” tab. As soon as the film screens in the festival, you can head back to your Festival Genius page and review the film.

“I want to see a film, but I only know the directors name. Can I search by director?”
Searching for films on Festival Genius is fun and easy. You can simply type the director’s name and Festival Genius will find their film. Even if you just remember something in the synopsis, Festival Genius will search that too. Finding your films information has never been easier!

“How do I change the language?”
Festival Genius works with both North American and international festivals, so sometimes you will want to switch languages from English. To do this, simply select your desired language from the drop down menu in the top right corner of the Festival Genius banner.

“Where is the film screening?”
Navigating a festival can often be a challenge, but Festival Genius makes it easy by including Maps for each and every festival venue. Simply hold your mouse over or click the venue name and a clear map will pop up along with the venues street address and contact info. Getting to your screening couldn’t be easier!

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