Festival Genius Premiere Film Festival Platform

iPhone app

The power of Festival Genius in the hands of your audience.

Make it simple for your audience to keep track of all of screenings, parties and panels at any one festival. Your audience can now discover films, plan for festival experience, buy tickets and rate and review the films that they’ve seen in real time wherever they are at the festival.

With the iPhone app, the experience of your festival extends well beyond the bounds of your website, giving your audience all the tools to experience your festival 24/7.download app >

Helping find screenings fast
Your audience can browse, filter and search a complete schedule of film screenings and festival events through the app. The app also allows them to read film synopses, watch trailers and check out audience buzz.

Sponsorship opportunity
Subsidize the cost of a dedicated iPhone app with this opportunity to gain additional sponsorship dollars. The Festival Genius iPhone application supports an array of sponsorship ideas including banner advertising and splash graphics.

Their personal calendar
Your audience can add screenings and events to their personal calendar and export it with iCal. Schedule Genius also allows them to avoid any conflicts and find alternative screenings. Sharing their festival experience via Facebook, Twitter or email spreads the word even faster.

With thousands of people around, finding where a film is playing canbe daunting. With geo-location functionality, Google maps and directions your audience will find the theater locations fast and won’t miss a screening.


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